Monday, May 17, 2010

Utah Heritage Foundation 2010 Heritage Awards

The Utah Heritage Foundation held their annual Heritage Awards Program on April 30,2010. Among the nine projects that won awards, Child Enterprises performed masonry restoration on three of them.

The Adaptive Use Award went to the Children's Center for the adaptation of the historic Oquirrh School. Masonry scope included infill repair at interior and exterior locations, new matching brick veneer construction at various locations, stone and brick patching, restoration cleaning, and refurbishing stone entry steps and landings.

The University of Utah's John R. Park Building won under the category of Stabilization, Restoration, or Renovation. Child Enterprises scope of work included a major stone, terra cotta, and brick restoration. The roof parapet was completely removed and then reinstalled using a seismic assembly that incorporated the reuse of restored terra cotta and new terra cotta units. Seismic reinforcement was also added at the entire roof perimeter and at the north and south elevation balconies. The limestone columns were completely sanded and re-profiled and many other stone elements on the building were either repaired or replaced with new matching stone or terra cotta. The Grand Stairs were also removed, restored, and then reinstalled back in their original location.

The O.C. Tanner Building also won under the
category of Stabilization, Restoration, or Renovation for the restoration of the Packard Library / Hansen Planetarium. When OC Tanner decided to save this important historic building, they expressed a desire to those working on the project that this building would need to be of the utmost quality. The result was indeed a gem that is comparable to the precious stones contained within. Child Enterprises was able to contribute to this masterpiece by painstakingly restoring the limestone and terra cotta fa├žade back to its original splendor. Stone and terra cotta elements that had been damaged with time were successfully replaced with new materials or patched and restored in place. A new parking structure was also added in which Child Enterprises installed CMU and stone cladding.

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  1. I think the art of masonry and paving is so interesting! All of the buildings look so wonderful and the art is just so intriguing.